AI and Cognitive Science: The road towards future

AI and Cognitive Science.

Computers and intelligent software can help us think better. In fact, I believe that with the right tools, we humans can even exceed our natural cognitive abilities and solve problems in a more intelligent and creative way. I am certainly not talking about artificial intelligent computers and software that are being developed every day. I am referring to tools such as cognitive enhancers and brain fitness programs. Indeed, these programs (AI and cognitive science) can be beneficial for all of us because they can help us think better and feel better too.

AI and cognitive science

Computers and software can help us think more clearly. In fact, some of them can do it in an almost child-like way. We can let these computers and software analyze various situations and circumstances and formulate better strategies for future events or problems. As a result, we can be more efficient and effective. This is just one example of how computers and software can help us think more clearly.

Another benefit is that with AI and cognitive science, we can stay ahead of the competition. How? Well, consider if you will all the inventions and breakthroughs that have been made in artificial intelligence over the last fifty years. A very brief history lesson, in fact. Computers, supercomputers, digital information systems, artificial intelligence software, and intelligent robotic androids, just to name a few, have changed virtually every aspect of our lives.

Today, computers can beat a grand champion chess player, with one less move than him. They can calculate a trillion different combinations, run a trillion search schedules on the Internet, and beat a smartphone grand champion in a one-to-one match. Now imagine if you will that with artificially intelligent computers, we could compute the codes necessary to build artificial intelligent robotic androids which can do all that without even being seen. If we use this technology for security or defense, then we have completely transformed the security industry.

But that’s not all. We now have the ability to create software that can understand human speech, compose an essay, compose a song, diagnose a disease, write a paper, play a video game, diagnose a problem in your car, recognize you in a crowd, and even out cold. We no longer need nurses, doctors, mechanics, or technicians. We have computer chip chips in our brains which are doing most of the work!

And all of this was possible because of cognitive science and artificial intelligence. Today we have computers which are better than people in every single way. We no longer have to have a psychologist or therapist to work with our artificially intelligent computers. In fact, many of these computers understand and can learn from their own mistakes, which is amazing. For instance, if you make a mistake, cognitive science and artificial intelligence will self-correct it for you.

We no longer have to worry about the future of artificially intelligent robotic machines that will work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We now have the ability to create software that can take care of all the work for us! Will all this be accomplished by the end of next year? Probably not. As we discover more fascinating things about artificial intelligence, we will still have plenty of work to do on the current inventions of 2021.

However, the future looks very bright. It’s full of exciting new technologies such as Google’s self-driving cars, Microsoft’s Skype and Voice over Internet Protocol, Amazon’s Kindle, and Apple’s iPad. It appears that technology is on the march, and it is only going to get better. In fact, this year saw one of the largest investments in artificial intelligence in history. So, it is safe to say that cognitive science and artificial intelligence will lead to an amazing future for humankind.

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